M1: Chango
M2: Ochun
M3: Transportation info: https://mysound.jp/song/5982687/


AFRO URBANITY Live Stream Vol,3 


M1: Buscando un Aché
(The original song is 7sonora) 
M2: El Calljón de los rumberos
M3: Obatala


AFRO URBANITY Live Stream Vol.2

M1: Yemaya
M2: Daré la Rumba
M3: Oggun


One of the concepts of Afro is the creativity of actively incorporating things that we come into contact with in our daily lives and creating new works of art without being bound by genre. In this video, what kind of world can we create in our current situation? I'm challenging this from the perspective of both images and sound. Obatala, the Cuban god of Yoruba worship, appears in this song. Obatala is the god of peace and intelligence. We feel very strongly that we can only enjoy the world of creation when we have peace in our daily lives. It's like bouncing back and forth between reality and fantasy... Enjoy the mysterious worldview of two conflicting worlds connected by an icon called Obatala.

Recording : Abex Studio(Michiko Abe)/Island studio(Kiyoshi Murai) Illustration : Shota Namba/Nana Nezu Videographer : Nana Nezu produced by NS Records japan

Arrangement/Programming    Michiko Abe 
Vocal/Chorus Arrangement  Nana Cantarina 
Lyric/ Music  Santeria 尺八   Kenji Endo
Keyboard   Hiromichi Tsugaki 
Bata Drums  Kouta Seki 
Narration   Jeffrey Daniel 

Performance    Jeffrey Daniel /Kenji Endo/Onyemowo  Udeh

Recording/NS Records Japan Studio 
Mastering Engineer Yuka Koizumi  (Orange Co,. Ltd.) 

Videographer    Nana Nezu 
Produced by NS Records Japan


In the beginning there was the land, and the land was Africa.  
In the heart of Africa was a great drum. 
When the ancient tribes Africa began to beat this great drum, they created the heartbeat of the earth,  setting into motion every river, 
every ocean, every creature on land and in seas,  the clouds rolling across open skies, setting birds into flight. 
And people all over the world began to dance to the rhythm of nature, 
to the rhythm of life,